Morgana’s New PUR Binding Systems For The Digital Printer

Digital finishing specialists Morgana Systems will introduce a new range of perfect binding systems using PUR adhesives at Total Print Expo.

Called the Morgana Adventure and the Morgana Explore series, the binders use PUR adhesives to ensure stronger and more long lasting bindings. Unlike normal PUR binders, however, which are difficult to use and have glue application methods that present both operational and disposal problems, the Morgana products use a closed spray nozzle delivery system so that no messy glue reservoir is needed, nor is venting required.

"We believe that the ease use of use and environmentally friendly qualities of these products make them ideal for the digital print sector", said Morgana m.d. Quen Baum.

PUR glues are widely regarded as the most flexible and durable bookbinding adhesives available. Industry standard testing methods have shown that PUR will produce bindings almost three times as strong as conventional hot-melt methods. They are excellent for all tough adhesive binding applications, in short or long runs. They also work especially well with cross grained stocks and - as in the case with digital output - in applications where ink or lubricants bleed into the spine of the book.

The Morgana Adventure PA is a single clamp binder that operates at speeds up to 200 books per hour. It features automatic format change and touch screen operation and handles books up to a maximum size of 380 x 310mm with spine widths from 2 - 50mm. Cover sizes may be up to 700mm x 390mm in stock up to 350gsm.

Also a single clamp unit, the Morgana Explore PA is designed for higher volume work with speeds to 500 books per hour. It also has touch screen operation and auto format change and will produce books up to 430 x 310mm with covers up to 680 x 340mm in weights to 300gsm. Both systems feature short make ready times for more economical operation on shorter runs.

Morgana also offers manual versions of both PUR systems and can also supply units designed to work with conventional hot-melt adhesives.

For further details contact:
Morgana Systems Ltd
Tel 01908 608888