Morgana Launches New Range of UV Coaters

Digital finishing specialist Morgana Systems Ltd has launched a new range of micro-format UV coating systems that, according to M.D.. Quen Baum, "will make in-house UV coating a realistic and profitable proposition for smaller printers."

There are two new models in the range, both suitable for digital and litho work and both compatible with all current ink print technologies. The first of these is the DigiCoater 33 which takes a 33 cm wide sheet and, priced at only £17,990. is seen as ideal for the digital print market where output from most print engines is SRA3. With a very small footprint, the DigiCoater 33 comes with three tanks and a coating roller and is fitted with integral auto wash. It provides a choice of gloss or matt coatings on line and can be used for UV coating or priming, but not both.

It has the latest touch-screen technology for simplicity of operation and can be supplied with an optional Digi-IR unit for printers working with wax-based toner systems. "Priced as it is", says Quen Baum, "and offering quality gloss, matt or textured finishes, we believe the DigiCoater 33 will be very popular with smaller printers wanting to add value to their product."

The larger DigiCoater 50 - taking a 50cm sheet - is aimed at printers producing both digital and litho work and, priced from just £27,490, is significantly cheaper than earlier DigiCoater models. It is available in two versions; one with four tanks and two coating rollers and the other with six tanks and three rollers. In addition to providing a range of gloss, matt or textured UV finishes, the DigiCoater 50 will also apply a coat of aqueous primer to uncoated media. It comes with a wholly automatic clean down system.

Another outstanding feature of this new coater is a "turret" feed system that dispenses with the need for feeding stations of different heights and allows rollers to be simply and quickly changed for different types of work without manual removal and replacement. "Air Knife" technology to facilitate the removal of lightweight papers is now fitted as a standard feature. As with the smaller model, the DigiCoater 50 has an easy to use touch screen and can be supplied with an IR unit for wax-based toners.

Morgana recommends that both the new coaters should be externally vented but where this isn't possible a new X-Tractor unit - fitted between the feeder and coater - can be provided as an alternative. Morgana has also developed a range of feeders for its new DigiCoater series.

For further information contact:

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