EFI Announces New VUTEk Superwide Printer

EFI has unveiled the VUTEk® QS220, a direct to substrate, two metre UV-curing flatbed printer with High-Definition Print (HDP) quality and superwide productivity that boasts lower ink running costs than traditional wide format printers and unique application abilities that allow print businesses to expand into higher end, premium margin applications. The QS220 is ideal for businesses that want to fuel profitability by adding flexible, production level equipment that will support their growth.

"Unfortunately many print businesses are forced to choose between high production speeds and high image quality," said EFI VUTEk senior vice president/general manager Dick Wissenbach. "The QS220 is an all in one printer; it has the speed to print 16 4'x8' boards per hour as well as the ability to print in high definition. This is a great time to be involved in superwide format printing, and with pricing comparable to wide format printers, the QS220 is not only affordable, it's a smart investment for any print business."

VUTEk's HDP technology provides resolution up to 1080 dpi for dazzling graphics and sharp text. It produces four or six colour images, and features a special seventh channel for six variations of white ink. This configuration is unique to EFI and means the QS220 is capable of printing colour and white in three independent layers all in one pass for perfect registration and more advanced printing applications, which results in graphics that really pop. This in line, three layer white printing capability grants the ability to produce new, high margin applications that other businesses cannot provide, such as enhanced definition back-lit displays or layered, art quality graphics printed on dark substrates.

The advanced technology of the QS220 allows it to effectively replace multiple wide format printers. Its small footprint and optional roll to roll capability fulfill the functions of multiple printers, especially with its production speeds of up to 750 square feet per hour, outstanding resolution and lower ink running costs than other superwide printers. By utilising one ink set, the QS220 delivers enhanced reliability and performance on a wide range of substrates.

For more information about the VUTEk QS220, visit www.efi.com/vutek