NEW Ecological Sign Film from Grafityp!

GEF, or Grafityp Ecological Film, is a film that presents the qualities of a polymeric film as well as some of a cast film, and at the same time is offered at the price of a 'better' monomeric film.

The GEF film is made of several layers that can be adjusted separately, and does NOT contain any chlorine or plasticisers. This means that NO harmful gases are released when the material is burned after recycling, a truly important step in the ecological sphere. With its magnificent gloss, user friendliness (easy cutting and peeling), linked to an extremely high flexibility, this new GEF film is an enormous leap in the evolution of high quality self adhesive films with an extra ecological character.

Even though GEF, a product from the polyolefine group, cannot be compared to a PVC film as far as its composition is concerned, it looks the same, feels similar and can be applied in exactly the same way. A good opacity is guaranteed by colouring the bottom layer of the multilayered GEF. The shrinkage of the GEF is also considerably lower than that of a standard calendered film. The unique production process of the GEF film makes it perfectly comparable to classic high quality PVC films.

GEF films can be positioned somewhere between monomeric and polymeric calendered films. In-depth tests have proved that the GEF films offer a number of advantages, and that many of their characteristics can easily be compared with those of a polymeric calendered film, as well as some of cast films, and for a considerably lower price which lies within the range of the 'better' monomeric calendered film.

UV-tests have shown that a life span of about four to five years may be presumed in Central-European conditions and if applied vertically.

Self adhesive sign films were introduced to the market more than half a century ago. From the very beginning PVC films strongly appealed to the industry. Even though these films have undergone quite a metamorphosis over preceding decades, they are still unrelentingly damaging to the environment. After all, when using cutting vinyls 50% of the used material after peeling logos and texts immediately turns into waste that is extremely hard to recycle, because of the adhesive layer on the vinyl. The only way to get rid of this waste efficiently is to burn it. The main disadvantage of this process is that harmful gasses are released as a result of the plasticisers and the chlorine in the material. Grafityp headquarters in Belgium, renowned as a pioneer for ecological solutions in this area, began researching a suitable alternative, which led to the GEF.

In-depth research and the use of specialist know how are the basis of the new GEF film. A long period of extensive investigation, studies, tests and product improvements preceded the eventual production. In the specially equipped laboratory, all raw materials and developments were submitted to severe controls, and the films were subjected to tough tests. Grafityp have installed and developed a completely new cast extruding machine in a brand new production unit, making the production of the GEF film possible. The eventual result of this intense preparation is a highly technological, user and environmentally friendly film with an excellent price/quality ratio. Grafityp's ISO-9001 quality label offers the best guarantee for a complete and consistent quality control.

Grafityp are continually striving to produce innovative products and offer unequalled customer friendly service, linked to an intensive innovative policy with regard to the environment.

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