Fujifilm demonstrates how to standardise screen and inkjet at FESPA 2010

Fujifilm will launch of a cross process colour control system called 'Pro-File' at FESPA 2010 in June. This system has been designed to allow screen printers to deliver consistent colour output and optimise production efficiencies across both screen and inkjet technologies to deliver the wide variety of print demanded by customers in the 21st century.

Today, the average display printer has access to a range of print technologies to meet customer requirements. As always, maximising output from equipment investments is a top priority, but the various ink systems and software available on the market have made it difficult to achieve colour consistency across screen and digital processes. Fujifilm has therefore developed its Pro-File process-independent colour control system to address these issues.

The Pro-File system combines three best in class components - Fujifilm Sericol screen inks, Fujifilm Acuity digital printers, and ColorGATE software. This combination enables screen printers to deliver consistent colour and quality print output across proofs, screen and digital print through process-independent colour management, providing users with a flexible, cost-effective solution to meet the increasing demands for print to comply with ISO 12647-2 (FOGRA 39).

Any printer who uses the system can be sure that print output is right the first time. Setup costs are reduced, and the system makes it easy to run short reprints as well as client mock ups and wet proofs, all to the FOGRA standard. By utilising the Fujifilm Acuity digital printers, end users can proof direct to rigid media, at full size with a screen dot, as well as produce short screen print runs and jobs with white backups.

To help demonstrate this at FESPA 2010, the recently launched Acuity Advance HS, on show for the first time in continental Europe, will be used. The Acuity produces near photographic quality images at speeds of up to 65m2/hr, and is an excellent mid-range flatbed for high-quality POP and signage.

Industry leading ink expertise from Fujifilm Sericol has been crucial in the development of special press ready screen inks for the system. These inks can be used on existing screen equipment, allowing users a one time setup for standardising presses, and provide the ability to quickly and easily match proofs on every job. This eliminates job specific in-house ink balancing, leading to a reduction in press downtime.

Keith Harley, European marketing director at Fujifilm Sericol, comments, "We think it is important to show visitors to FESPA just how they can take the screen methods they have been using for many years, and combine these with new digital technologies that are now available, to provide their customers with consistent, but cost effective material. Our new Pro-File system does just this."