Canon LFP inkjet printers takes quality to new level

Canon LFP inkjet printers takes quality to new level

Canon UK has launched three new imagePROGRAF large format printers (LFPs) designed to deliver the highest quality output achievable in today's aqueous large format printing market - the 24-inch Canon imagePROGRAF iPF6350 and imagePROGRAF iPF6300, and the 44-inch Canon imagePROGRAF iPF8300.

Featuring Canon's new 12-colour LUCIA EX pigment ink system and innovative printing technology, the new models are able to produce prints with increased accuracy and an extended colour gamut approximately 20 per cent wider than the previous Canon fine art series of imagePROGRAF LFPs (iPF5100, iPF6100, iPF8100 and iPF9100). The new ink system has been developed in response to the growing demand for high quality, large format prints in the professional photographic, proofing and fine art markets.

The new inks feature an innovative polymer structure that results in greater scratch resistance and protection from colour fading, whilst reducing bronzing and metamerism* to produce more consistent, durable prints. Denser, sharper blacks and smooth colour gradations are able to reproduce the finest shadow area details, meeting demands for more sophisticated print quality.

An additional inbuilt mechanical rigidity in the new imagePROGRAF models enables more precise ink placement, resulting in improved line and text accuracy and colour uniformity.  An inbuilt high performance, multi sensory colour calibrator can also precisely detect, adjust and compensate for print head density variations to provide an unsurpassed level of colour reproduction and matching.

Users are able to take advantage of the exceptional print quality of the new imagePROGRAF devices with the third-party RIP compatibility from GMG, EFI, ColorGATE, ONYX Graphics, Eisfeld (PosterJet), CGS, DEV studio and SCP, providing a range of print applications, including proofs, designs and commercial photos. 

The imagePROGRAF models are able to use third-party media, alongside the Canon recommended stocks, by utilising the Media Configuration Tool to calibrate paper settings to achieve an optimum print output. Compatible ICC profiles of popular media types are downloadable from the Hahnemuehle, Ilford and Sihl websites. Additionally the new range of Canon imagePROGRAF LFPs are fully compatible with Colortrac and Contex large format scanners to offer a complete scan to print solution.

To support high-volume printing and streamline workflows, the Canon imagePROGRAF iPF8300 and iPF6350 come equipped with an 80 GB high-capacity hard disk drive (HDD) that allows for faster spooling of large files as well as the ability to reprint jobs directly from the priinter.  To ensure the highest level of productivity and reduce overall print time, all new models are also equipped with a standard gigabit Ethernet network interface and an automatic dual-blade cutter.

* sample metamerism: When two colour samples appear to match under a particular light source, and then do not match under a different light source this is "sample metamerism." - Source, Wisegeek.com