Wide format inkjet printer manufacturer Mutoh are releasing a new series of direct to fabric printers, called Viper TX Soft Sign series.   Available in 1620 mm (63.78") and 2210 mm (87") widths, the Viper TX Soft Sign printers offer a total solution for direct printing of polyester fabrics with open or closed structure.   The printers incorporate all features required to accurately load, transport and tension, dry, heat fix and roll up finished prints, ready for use.   Tuned to Mutoh's new VOC-free water based direct disperse inks, the new engines deliver typical production speeds up to 37 m²/h and top engine speeds up to 77 m²/h.The new Mutoh Viper TX Soft Sign printers have been purposely built for professional soft signage print businesses looking for an integrated workflow to print directly onto polyester fabrics like flags.    The printers are suited for a wide variety of applications: heavy duty flags, banners, architectural graphics, sport arena displays, wall murals, home furnishings, curtains and much more."We have been marketing wide format dye sub and direct textile printers developed and manufactured at our Belgian factory since 2004.  Today, we offer several product lines products such as Viper, Viper TX, Viper 100, Viper Extreme and Viper TX Extreme," comments Arthur Vanhoutte, President of Mutoh's European operations."Viper TX Soft Sign printers are our first integrated direct textile printing solutions, delivering prints immediately ready for use.   The new printers address the key demands for a green workflow.  Using Mutoh water-based inks they print directly onto polyester fabric, with no need for transfer paper.  Keeping the environment in mind, printing signage on fabric is preferable because it folds easily, is light to transport, re-usable and last but not least, polyester fabrics are recyclable.  Our new cost-effective soft sign printers will allow innovative entrepreneurs to address latest market trends such as web-to-print, print-on-demand and customisation," Vanhoutte concludes.The Viper TX Soft Sign printer's integrated infra red dryer and fan bank will dry the printed fabric before heat fixation.  After drying, the printed fabric will run into the fixation unit, consisting of a contact drum with integrated infra red lamp.  Its typical working temperature is 180 °C.  The fixation time depends on the print mode that is used.  The fabric process can be easily controlled via a touch display on a swivel arm.   The in-line fabric drying and fixation system has no cooling down delay.  An integrated switch ON timer makes sure the printer is ready in the morning.
Fabric transport has been made easy with the fully motorised heavy duty unwinding/winding system with dancer bars for media rolls up to 150 kg.  The system is ready for inside and outside unwinding and winding.   Perfect fabric tracking with the front and back belt system delivers straight winding of finished prints onto the take-up roll.
./..The new printers incorporate 8 drop-on-demand piezo inkjet heads.  Each head has 2 x 180 nozzles.  Using Dynamic Variable Dot Imaging Technology, each ink droplet is individually adjustable to provide high speed and high quality printing with low ink consumption.  The printers incorporate Mutoh's award-winning Intelligent Interweaving print technology.
To remove vapours when heat fixing direct printed fabrics, the machines can be directly connected to Mutoh's optional fume extraction system.  Connection is possible via multiple connection points.  A hose will then make the connection with the fume extraction system.
The printers can also be connected to Mutoh's optional bulk ink system offering long unattended printing options along with minimum user intervention.
The Soft Sign printers have been tuned to Mutoh's VOC free water based direct disperse inks.  They feature excellent nozzle stability, offer a large ccolour gamut and have an excellent outdoor durability, rated up to 1 year.  Available in 1 litre bottles, these inks deliver top scores in wash fastness and perspiration, while allowing direct printing onto polyester fabrics with no need for washing.

For more information on Mutoh, please visit www.mutoh.eu