Morgana's New PUR Binders

'Morgana Explore'A new range of PUR binders from Morgana consists of three models suitable for short run work in the digital environment. All have fully enclosed gluing systems and are fitted with automatic cleaning systems to make them more user friendly.The new Morgana Pioneer is unique in being able to produce both soft cover volumes and book blocks for producing case bound books. It will produce 200 soft covers or 150 book blocks per hour in sizes up to 450mm and 50mm thick. The system is fully enclosed and all operations - including cleaning - are controlled automatically from a touch screen.The new Morgana Explore also has a unique feature in that it can be used for both  PUR or conventional hot melt binding, a great advantage for users who need to produce many different types of work. It operates at a highly productive 500 cycles per hour and also offers all the benefits of an enclosed system with automatic operation and cleaning. It makes books up to 450mm x 50mm thick.The Morgana Adventure is a low price, small footprint unit which, at 200 cycles per hour, is aimed at the lower volume user. Despite its low price tag, it also offers automatic operation and automatic cleaning can be specified. It can produce volumes up to 450mm x 50mm.Morgana's managing director, Quen Baum, claims that the new range gives printers - and particularly digital printers - greater choice and greater flexibility than has been previously available in PUR binders. "We believe that our enclosed system design offers significant advantages, not only because of cleanliness and ease of operation, but because there is no waste and the systems can be left on stand-by."For further details contact:     
Quen Baum       
Morgana Systems Ltd      
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