Size Does Matter
DCP Systems has introduced a new version of Genuine Fractals, the industry standard for image enlargement, bringing this superb software tool to new levels of capability with its added benefits of fast scaling and streamlined workflow with 1000% a resizing capability.Genuine Fractals, the easy to use PhotoshopTM automation plug-in, enables low resolution and physically small digital files to be quickly enlarged without pixelation whilst still retaining the integrity of the original image. The software is a useful tool for photographers, graphic artists and digital imaging professionals, providing the ability to scale, store and electronically transmit digital images for a range of output requirements with higher quality and sharper results than traditional scaling methods.With new Genuine Fractals v5, images can now be scaled by over 1000%, with the resultant quality far superior to Photoshop's bicubic smoother, 10% stepped interpolation and indeed any other method of file or resolution resizing. It is a solution for medium to high resolution images that need to be enlarged, as well as for cropped images and digital video stills. For large format printing environments, it is the essential ingredient for stunning output, ensuring file size and resolution quality.Genuine Fractals 5 resizes images by over 1000%, always maintaining sharp edges and minute detail. For example, you can take a full frame image from a 6Mpixel image and resize it to output a 10x15ft, 180dpi print. The plug-in can also batch process an entire folder of images at the same time and for one-offs, by default, make processing selection easy by remembering the last setting used.In operation, once an image has been opened in Photoshop, just click on File and then Automate in Photoshop's menu to access Genuine Fractals. Photoshop Actions can also be used to create a shortcut option to 'Open' in Genuine Fractals, for example. A preview screen displays the effect of the intended transformation and an image scale panel provides original image dimensions as well as current dimensions and resolution which are easily changed just by entering the required values.Images can be increased according to size in pixels, mm, cm or inches, as well as percentage. New values are easily input and actioned immediately, with increases proportionately made after changing just one dimension.Once fractal patterns have been identified, they can be scaled to any size without loss of detail and so Genuine Fractals v5 can successfully and extremely effectively resize images by more that 1000% without losing sharpness and edge detail.Genuine Fractals is easy to install or upgrade and supports all colour modes of the host programme. It is available downloadable from www.dcpsystems.co.uk and includes telephone support.