Duplo International has officially announced the launch of the DB-280 Desktop Perfect Binder which features case binding for hardcover books; a first time in their entry-level range. The machine, previewed at IPEX, is an updated model of the popular DB-200 of which Duplo have sold over 1,000 units since its launch in 1999.
The new entry-level DB-280 is a compact, single clamp perfect binder capable of tape binding, padding and case binding as well as perfect binding. It also comes with a double pass notching feature, which allows deeper glue penetration and gives a stronger bind.
"The new DB-280 is an extremely significant launch for us. Whilst in recent years we have expanded our binding range upwards, with the introduction of the DPB-500 hotmelt and PUR models, our desktop binders are extremely relevant and still in massive demand with the trend toward shorter runs," comments Peter Jolly, Marketing Manager, Duplo UK. "The machine features all the automated precision features of the popular DB-200, ease of use, accurate output, good adhesion with some nice additions that make it hugely relevant for 2010."
Improved notching
The binding process includes a double pass over the unique notching system to ensure excellent glue penetration. The DB-280 now uses a wider notching blade that will cut deeper and wider notches into the book block to enable the glue to penetrate further into the grooves, this in turn creates a stronger bind.
Stronger bind
The DB-280 features two glue drums which provide additional glue capacity. Combining this with a wide notching tool results in a more durable bind.
Multiple applications
The DB-280 is able to produce an array of applications. Soft cover binding, case binding, tape binding and padding can all be created with a quick push of a button. Both tape binding; binding loose sheets with a strip of tape, and case binding; loose sheets together directly onto a hard cover, are new to the DB-280.
The new features come as a result of extensive market research amongst Duplo's dealers and end-users.
"We took our time to get the product right. Our customers were telling us they wanted a stronger bind with a wider capability of applications to meet the increasing demands of the print buyers. However, they were keen to point out they liked the usability of the old model, where you do not necessarily need to be a skilled bindery expert to run the machine."Peter  concludes "As a result we have produced a binding solution that is ideal for those printers with consistent but short run binding work, helping them save on unnecessary outsourced cost. We also believe that the DB-280 can feasibly be run by press operators, helping alleviate bindery 'bottle necks', as the finishers just need to apply a final 3 knife trim."
The DB-280 retails at £6,495.00 and includes a dust extractor to cater for the extra notching capability.
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