Barcode Reader From Watkiss

Watkiss Automation has for several years offered a barcode reading option for its Document Finishing System (DFS).Now, with the explosion in digital print and the huge uptake of variable data and personalised printing, the requirement for a bar-code reader has become the rule rather than the exception.To satisfy this demand, Watkiss is now providing its barcode reader as an integral part of the DFS for UK customers, rather than as an added option.Where verifiable integrity is needed, the barcode reader provides multi-level security verification at sheet, set and job level. It can also control the insertion of covers and multiple additional sheets for customised sets. Users can configure the system to interpret the barcode characters as required and save the configurations in easy to recall job-memories. This means that every sheet can be guaranteed accurate; and every set or job can be customised. Variable data can be extended beyond the printer to the finisher, with the potential for each set or document to include a different combination of additional inserted sheets.

The barcode position is flexible: with a minimum character height of 3.5mm and a 2mm minimum distance from the feed edge, the barcode can easily fit into the trim margin. Alternatively it can be positioned unobtrusively in the gutter (spine) when booklet making.The central colour touch screen interface controls the entire sheet feeding and booklet making system - this uniquely integrated control ensures easy set-up and recall of jobs.The DFS incorporates two distinct ranges of booklet making equipment according to overall workload, run length and required production rate, either of which can be then be fed to an optional Automatic SpineMaster to produce SquareBack books, another Watkiss innovation.Watkiss Automation Sales Limited
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