Since 1989 The Magic Touch have manufactured and marketed a

comprehensive range of transfer papers for use with colour laser

printers and copiers.

The company have now introduced new A4 and A3 printers with

enhanced firmware and drivers enabling full compatibility with all their

transfer papers. Jim Nicol, Managing Director explains "The printers are

simply the best for our process offering speed, quality and real value for

money". The printers can also be used for normal full colour plain paper

printing, giving up to 20 colour copies per minute.

The Magic Touch have reached a new milestone in garment decoration

with the introduction of the patented WoW transfer paper. WoW

enables full colour images/designs/logos to be printed onto almost any

garment or fabric regardless of colour or composition, with the

advantage of no weeding and no cutting involved, with superb soft feel

and fantastic durability.

Jim Nicol added "For the past 6 months we have conducted some real

market research with existing clients, prominent screen printers, leading

fashion and sportswear brands. The WoW product is exactly what the

market needs and demands".

The WoW transfer process will not replace the existing OBM transfer

paper or indeed the range of plotter MagiCut flex, flock, glitters etc but

offers an additional method for complex or detailed designs that cannot

be profile cut and weeded. It also performs where even traditional

screen and litho printing fails.

Jim Nicol added, "WoW will change the rules as to the decoration of

garments in the future; it's the final piece of technology to make the

digital image transfer process complete".

TheMagicTouch continue to operate in-house training, sales and

marketing seminars for existing clients. This year's focus has been on

database management and target marketing. All courses are held at

their newly expanded training facility in Dunstable, Bedfordshire. Jim

Nicol, Managing Director explained "Over the past 3 years we have seen

a dramatic rise in the number of clients attending our varied seminars.

Most customers find it difficult to focus on their sales and marketing

whilst fulfilling existing demands. Experience and feed back from clients

confirm our business support plays a major role in helping make their

marketing more cost effective and giving real results".

The company are equipped to offer a comprehensive range of image

transfer solutions including all aspects of toner transfer, sublimation,

consumables, heat press equipment, plotters/cutters with the relevant

stocks of flex, flock, films etc.

The market is changing, clients want less more often, and indeed

quicker than ever before! And just in time for the festive season The

Magic Touch have introduced packs of 10 plain Christmas stockings for

just £19.50 which can be personalised with names or even pictures of

the intended recipient - we'll be 'stocking' those in our bureau!

Further information contact TheMagicTouch on 01582 671444