Mondi announces digital printing paper DNS: Digital Needs Specialists

Mondi is introducing DNS as its new brand of uncoated fine papers. "DNS was developed with the requirements of digital specialists in mind. We recognised that professional printers needed a single paper they could rely on in an industry that demands a lot of versatility," explains Johannes Klumpp, Marketing and Sales Director for Mondi Uncoated Fine Paper.
DNS premium is the first product to stem from the DNS brand. It is produced for use on digital production machines and dry toner machines such as iGen and Nexpress, as well as office laser printers, inkjet printers and copiers, making it a multifaceted product for use in both professional press rooms and offices.
"The launch of DNS is an exciting milestone in the growth of our digital printing paper portfolio," says Klumpp. "DNS premium is also pre-print guaranteed and suitable for off-set printing, which is an attractive feature for professional printers, as having one paper on stock for every printing press is now a realistic option."
DNS premium has a high whiteness factor that shows excellent contrast for text and graphic printouts. Due to ColorLok Technology, office inkjet printers with pigmented ink can also create impressive full colour brochures, presentations or other printed materials that demand high impact colour saturation.
DNS premium can be recognised by its purple wrapper with the digital motif of a hand, operating a touch screen. "We will be adding more papers to the DNS brand. Our customers have more to look forward to in the upcoming months," says Klumpp.
Mondi has spearheaded a number of initiatives in response to the growing digital printing market. During the past year, Mondi introduced its ongoing series of Digital Specialist Forums, where professional printers and key customers familiar with professional and office printing environments convene to discuss current and upcoming trends in digital printing.
DNS premium and the digital printing paper portfolio are developed and produced by Mondi Neusiedler, a mill renowned for its innovations, high quality paper production and environmental standards. DNS premium is certified with the FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) mark and the EU-Flower. It also belongs to Mondi's Green Range. All Green Range papers are either FSC certified, bleached without chlorine (TCF) or 100% recycled.
The Green Range reflects Mondi's commitment to responsible manufacturing practices, as all products are produced according to the leading environmental and social guidelines. Keeping a steady focus on sustainability, Mondi continually strives for the careful selection and responsible use of raw materials and for significant reductions in emissions to air, water and land. www.mondigroup.com