Metal CTP System for all

This is the first truly affordable metal CTP system for print shops; it
requires no processor, no chemicals, so is exceptionally green.

The new Glunz and Jensen iCTP PlateWriter 2000 demonstrated by
Info-Tec in Poole, is an entry level system that can sit in a bureau
environment (no yellow light). The trusted Harlequin RIP is included and
the whole operation can be operated by your graphic designer or print
studio team.

Regular readers will know that our own shop, Colourfast, has grown
since the 80s from being a Canon colour copy Centre and has never
printed litho in-house. If the plate making had been this easy and
odourless we may have taken on a small two colour press.

The CSN readership these days does encompass a greater variety of print
processes and is not confined to high street shops; I suppose the
frontline is defined on who we serve. Our 'on demand' side of the print
industry is best positioned for recommending where digital meets litho.

The set up charge is certainly less for litho with this CTP kit and now it
is not so industrial more printers will now be able to use this equipment
to give longer print runs at lower costs.

Key points:
• Metal CTP system
• Chemical free
• No processor needed
• Daylight working
• Maintenance free system
• Price? Well as usual depending on size and coverage. There is an
excellent breakdown of costs available as a PDF for the most popular
print jobs. We'll put one on our website for you to download. An A4
letterhead is around £2-£3

For more details contact 01202 845 960, sales@info-tec.biz