ColorPainter Printer From Seiko I Infotech Inc.

Seiko I Infotech Inc. (SIIT), will add the new ColorPainter W series wide format mild solvent inkjet printers specially designed for the signage and digital printing market to its ColorPainter product line.The ColorPainter W series will be available in two sizes, the W-64s 64 inches wide, and the W-54s 54 inches wide.  There are also two colour configurations for both sizes, the 4 colour type for lower running costs and 6 colour type for better image quality. The combination of 6 new high speed print heads, two types of ink and several new innovative printing functions will increase the printer's performance and widens the printer's application range for the signage and digital printing market.Jeff Biggs, Managing Director of Colourgen, the exclusive UK distributor for SIIT products, says, "We are very excited about this new product from Seiko.  It features a lot of the technology currently available in the H-Series ColorPainters with the addition of new print heads which offer resolutions up to an astounding 900dpi as well as triple drop technology for 4-step greyscale.  Added to that, Seiko are including a 2 year manufacturer's warranty making the new ColorPainter the sensible choice for anyone entering the sign market or looking to extend their services with confidence."The ColorPainter W-64s was previewed at Sign & Digital UK recently and received a lot of interest.  It will next be shown at FESPA in Hamburg, Germany from May 24 to 27. The W-64s is scheduled to start shipping worldwide at the end of April.
1. New high speed on demand piezo print heads  the new ColorPainter W series offers unmatched flexibility for speed and image quality with excellent colour density up to 17.8 m²/h, and has a maximum imaging resolution of 900x900 dpi.2. Dynamic Dot Printing (DDP) Technology: The new print heads offer the ability to jet three different drop sizes per print pass, each ink droplet volume is 12, 24 or 36pl,.which enables the printer to print at high speeds without density loss. It was developed specifically for outdoor graphics at high speed, indoor graphics with excellent image quality and vivid and high density backlit graphics.3. Smart Nozzle Mapping: This new feature allows the operator to re-map print head nozzles in the event of a clogged nozzle. This extremely useful feature can remap up to 10 print head nozzles per print headwithout any speed or quality loss.4. Smart Pass Technology: The new generation of the Smart Pass Technology offers a more sophisticated interleaving technology to improve print quality to the highest level yet.5. New HAPs Free IX ink and re-loadable cartridge holder design: The IX ink is the first low solvent, low odour ink without HAPs (Hazardous Air Pollutants). This revolutionary new "green" ink and the re-loadable cartridge holder design are provided for preserving the environment by eliminating HAPs and environmental waste.6. Established EG-Outdoor GX inks (GX inks): The GX inks give excellent density and outdoor durability using Seiko's standard, high pigment loaded inks with extremely low usage and running costs.7. CP Manager: CP Manager printer control software comes free with printer, which enables the operator to see printer's status and to perform print adjustments directly from a PC.8. Warranty: The new ColorPainter W-Series will come with 2 years manufacturer's warranty as standard.Pricing is anticipated to start around £14,500 to £15,000 for W-54s 4 colour model and up to  £17,000 to £17,500 for the W-64s 6 colour model.  The ColorPainter W-64S is now in Colourgen's showroom in Maidenhead.Colourgen : 01628 588700