Pantone extends mobile access for colour communication on the go

As design projects continue to become more digital and designers more mobile, the demand for applications to support a never changing work dynamic intensifies. Pantone LLC - the global authority on colour and provider of professional colour standards for the design industries, has announced two new mobile applications to meet this growing need - my PANTONETM for AndroidTM and myPANTONE 2.0 for the iPhoneTM.

myPANTONE for Android brings Pantone's popular iPhone application for capturing, creating and sharing PANTONE Colour Palettes to the Android platform - giving graphic, digital, multimedia, fashion, interior and industrial designers access to more than 13,000 PANTONE colours wherever they go, whenever they find inspiration.

myPANTONE 2.0 incorporates feedback from more than 80,000 Pantone fans to extend the functionality of the original myPANTONE application and meet the growing needs of designers. myPANTONE 2.0 adds several enhanced features, including colour calibration tools to improve the appearance of PANTONE colours on screen, CMYK support for PANTONE PLUS SERIES colours, access to ICC colour managed values, and the ability to print colour palettes straight from the iPhone.

"We continue to see a fundamental shift in the way designers work and smartphones are increasingly acting as portable colour studios," said Andy Hatkoff, vice president of technology licensing for Pantone. "myPANTONE for the iPhone was our first mobile application. Since its release, our Facebook community has been passionate about telling us the features they would like to see in future versions, including CMYK values and display calibration for more accurate colour representation on screen. And, as the mobile market continues to expand, requests for an Android version of myPANTONE could not be ignored."

myPANTONE for Android: Much like the myPANTONE application for the iPhone, myPANTONE for Android gives designers access to all the PANTONE colour libraries including:
PANTONE PLUS SERIES FORMULA GUIDE (coated and uncoated), a two guide set consisting of 1,341 solid PANTONE colours on coated and uncoated stock with corresponding printing ink formulas for each colour
PANTONE PLUS SERIES CMYK (coated and uncoated) provides a comprehensive palette of 2,868 colours achievable in four colour (CMYK)process printing
PANTONE PLUS COLOUR BRIDGE (coated and uncoated) features CMYK values for all 1,341 solid PANTONE colours
PANTONE PLUS PASTELS & NEONS (coated and uncoated)
PANTONE GoeTM (coated and uncoated) and PANTONE GoeBridgeTM coated
PANTONE  FASHION + HOME Colour System Library (paper and cotton)
PANTONE FASHION + HOME nylon brights

Each colour swatch in the myPANTONE for Android application includes sRGB, HTML and L*a*b* values. myPANTONE for Android also automatically generates a variety of harmonious colour combinations. Additionally, invaluable cross-referencing colour capabilities make it simple for users to find similar colours among the various PANTONE colour libraries. For example, users can identify the PANTONE FASHION + HOME Colour that most closely matches any PANTONE PLUS colour. myPANTONE for Android takes advantage of Android's built-in camera to let the user capture whatever inspires them. Colours can be extracted from any photo stored on the Android and matched to the closest PANTONE Colours.

Once created, users can share colour palettes by email with their friends, colleagues and clients. Colour palettes can be sent as PANTONE colour chips, or as swatch files that can be used in Adobe Creative Suite (.ase) and
QuarkXPress. Designers can also share their colour palettes by automatically posting notification of new palettes to Facebook or by sending them to the Pantone hosted website, www.mypantone.com
 myPANTONE 2.0 for the iPhone, iPod, iPad

A free update for current myPANTONE users, myPANTONE 2.0 provides designers with CMYK data for all PANTONE PLUS SERIES colours. Another innovative feature myPANTONE 2.0 offers is the ability to connect to PANTONE COLOUR MANAGER desktop software to upload colour managed data for PANTONE colours based on ICC colour output device profiles. Enhancing the way PANTONE colours are displayed on the iPhone, iPod and iPad has been improved as well. Now myPANTONE 2.0 allows users to calibrate the iPhone display to view colour corrected PANTONE Colours within the application. An X-Rite calibration device is required for calibration, such as ColourMunki  Photo, Design or Create, or the new ColourMunki Display,i1Pro or i1Display 2.

Additionally, myPANTONE 2.0 allows users to print from compatible iPhone,iPad or iPod touch devices using AirPrint (supported printer also required).

myPANTONE 2.0 is a free upgrade for current owners and is available for download to new users in the Apple App StoreTM for £6.99. Current myPANTONE users will be prompted to download a free upgrade. myPANTONE 2.0 is compatible with iPhone OS 4.0 or higher, and can be used on the iPad, iPhoneor iPod touch.