Easy Dome makes Doming Easy

Doming isn't new but Easy Dome, from Xpres, is certainly a new angle on the process. Easy Dome is a simple 4 stage process that generates a high quality finish every time.

Here's how it works

1. Print the image or photo onto Xpres self-adhesive doming vinyl

2. Position the vinyl in the Xpres cutter and cut out the contour of the image and weed away the excess vinyl

3. Place the transfers on level glass trays and apply the dome solution over each image and leave to air dry

4. Position the now domed image onto the product.

Not only is it easy but unit production costs are kept nice and low. As an example  look at personalising a memory stick. The total cost of the stick including the doming will be about £4.15 (£4 for the stick and £0.15 for the doming) so with an average selling price of about £15 this will bring you a profit of nearly £11. Not bad for a few minutes work! The process will work just as well on a wide variety of products and surfaces such as trophies and corporate gifts but Xpres have taken doming to the next level by applying it to textiles. Unlike solid surfaces garments are subjected to regular laundering and doming, as a surface applied decoration, could suffer but  Xpres have gone through all of the relevant testing procedures with outstanding results.

Easy Dome is also special as it is the last piece in the Xpres 5 in 1 solution jigsaw. Using the Xpres Cut Plus package consisting of the Roland GX24, an inkjet printer, and a heat press together with the correct consumables you can quickly generate single, multi, and full colour textile transfers, Gem Tec Rhinestone decoration, signage and, now, doming - 5 processes from the same system. One of the key attractions with 5 in 1 is the low capital outlay where you only need to make a relatively small investment of around £2,500 to be up and running. If however you already the key elements already then the outlay is even lower with the add-on Easy Dome starter kit coming in at only £140.
Whether you are looking at investment, profit or flexibility Easy Dome wins on every count. The product is easy to use and allows you to expand your business into other areas whilst still relating it to your current customer base. For a low entry cost you can add this service and be up and running in no time. Easy to use, easy on the pocket and easy to incorporate into your business,


Easy Dome is a must see product. For more information call Xpres on 01332 85 50 85 or e-mail them at sales@xpres.co.uk. You can also visit the web site at www.xpres.co.uk