CreaseStream Mini trebles speed of “conventional” desk top methods

Low volume desk top creasing methods are notoriously slow and usually involve someone carefully aligning card stock into position before pushing down a handle to engage a steel blade into a matrix channel. Of course, creasing results are good, this is reflected by the thousands of units that are sold to designers, copy shops and small digital printing companies every year. However, CreaseStream have come up with a unique solution that produces the same quality of crease, only 3 times faster.

The CreaseStream Mini is best described as a desk top unit consisting of a pair of rotary shafts with soft patented creasing dies integrated, and a handle that can be manually turned to feed sheets through one after another. Up to two creases can be applied at the same time, and a choice of three crease settings  can be implemented within seconds, to suit stock ranges of 100-400gsm. A special micro-perforating tool can be added as an option, this administers the type of application that allows perfed sheets to travel through laser printers without jamming the machine (the perf lies flat and doesn't break up during offline processing.)  The unit doesn't require electrical input and can accept sheet sizes up to 52 cm in width. "It sounds simple, and it is." says CreaseStream owner, Graham Harris. "We have seen a lot of people struggling to process products through their manual creasers, but they have had no choice but to persevere, sometimes spending all day creasing a few hundred sheets, so we sought to take advantage of the situation.  The rotary action significantly quickens up production,  and the specially developed rubber creasing technology we use manipulates and stretches the fibres, even in the most sensitively printed digital stocks, so that folding is made easier, without showing signs of ugly toner cracking."

 CreaseStream has made use of a specially modified adaptation of Tech-ni-Fold rotary creasing technology, also owned by Harris, and turned it into a unique product range that was designed to speed up the process of digital finishing. The CreaseStream Mini is the basic model before motors and sheet separating systems are incorporated to automate the famous Tri-Creaser technology.   The CreaseStream Plus sits at the top of the CreaseStream range and can process up to 20,000sheets per hour.

Ian Collins of Colcards, Malvern UK, recently purchased the CreaseStream Mini, and added his comments
"We were searching for a manual creaser that could cope with our low volume greetings cards. We produce runs of 100 cards on a regular basis in 3-4 different sizes and needed something that was quick and easy to use that wasn't expensive to buy. The CreaseStream Mini has more than met our needs, the quality of build and the creasing results are excellent, in fact we over work the unit to gain maximum benefit, it really is a very good solution.
We recently purchased the micro-perforating tool option and are looking forward to seeing how this works for us; all in all we are extremely happy with our CreaseStream Mini."

For more information and to see a short video of the CreaseStream Mini working, please visit www.creasestream.com