Misterclipping.com launches in UK

Online graphics service provider Mister Clipping (www.misterclipping.com) has launched in the UK for the first time, providing a photo-clipping service for quick professional looking images starting at less than £1.
Designed for graphic arts professionals, it provides a quick, online service for image clipping. It allows users to choose the options they need for individual work paths, masks, resizing or scaling, re-colouring or retouching, or isolating images according to their needs.
Supported by a dedicated team of imaging professionals, Mister Clipping takes away the burden of time consuming clipping and cropping operations needed for any form of design.
The Mister Clipping service uses a skilled team of experts to isolate objects from their background using clipping paths or masks. They can also provide any additional processing entirely by hand, producing an expert final result. Special finishes, including 'invisible man' techniques for cut out shots of clothing, or colour processing, are also available on request.
Built around Misterclipping.com's easy to use website, users are able to upload and download images quickly and easily using its unique automated wizard. Mister Clipping provides a guarantee to isolate and return images via the application within 24 hours, regardless of the number of images to be processed.
Mister Clipping can process a single image, or thousands, depending on users' needs and requirements. Costing between 75p and £5 per image, depending on the complexity of the task, the service also offers to redo any job free of charge if the customer is unhappy with the end result.
Chi Lau, UK Business Development Manager at Mister Clipping says: "We have been running Mister Clipping in The Netherlands, the US, and Germany for many years now with great success. Following the successful expansion of the application and through thorough testing, Misterclipping.com is now ready for the UK market.Our customers simply demand that we are fast, good and inexpensive. And of course they want the best service. We are an online company, but if our customers have a need for it we will be able to speak to them in their own language and in their own time zone, which now includes our fully supported office in the UK."
The entire auxiliary process (such as uploading, giving instructions, checking, downloading, etc.) is automated, proving a quick, easy and cost effective way to process multiple orders. In addition to processing images 24/7 and providing an online feedback service. Support staff are available by phone during normal office hours (8.30 to 5.30pm, Monday to Friday).
Services include:

•  Isolating images (handmade Clipping paths)
•  Image masking (Channel/Layer/Soft)
•  Individual / multiple Work Paths / Masks
•  Image Cropping, Straightening and Resizing
•  Image Shadowing (Natural/ Drop/ Reflective)
•  Photo Manipulation and Creative Processing
•  Colour processing / Recolouring
•  High-end Photo Retouching and RestorationMister Clipping
Tel: 0207 164 2031