For the first time, Duplo's unique Duetto nearline bookletmaking system will be available with the company's SCC slit, cut, crease module to offer two configurations in one flexible finishing line. The Duetto/SCC bookletmaking line provides litho and digital printers with a complete solution to handle both short and long run booklet production.

Being Duplo's most comprehensive nearline bookletmaking solution, the Duetto/SCC line is completely unique and the ideal solution for print rooms, or other copy centres that produce financial reports, personal information such as travel, bank or mobile phone documents; magazines, brochures or educational course books.

An advanced hybrid solution based on Duplo's System 5000, the Duetto incorporates The DSF-2000 sheet feeder, up to three DC-10/60 collators, DBM-500 bookletmaker and DBM-500T trimmer. The Duetto was the first system to handle both set-by-set and sheet-by-sheet output with equal ease - creating the first system of its kind to address both digital and offset printing requirements. Incorporating the SCC module in between Duplo's sheetfeeder and the DBM-500 enables the bookletmaker to accept sheets directly from a digital press and output a finished book.

By extending the Duetto line with the SCC unit, Duplo is essentially offering printers the flexibility of using two separate production workflows combined in one finishing line.

Designed to maximise productivity, Workflow A comprises a DC10/60 suction collating tower, the DBM500 bookletmaker and DBM-500T trimmer to produce longer book runs at speeds up to 5,000 booklets an hour.

Workflow B consists of Duplo's DSF-2000 sheet feeder (with optional barcode reader), the SCC unit and a DBM-500 bookletmaker and trimmer, which is ideal for the production of shorter run, multiple jobs on digitally printed stocks. This system is unique in bringing a slit/cut/crease function to the near-line bookletmaking process. Designed principally for the production colour digital market, the SCC-equipped bookletmaking system takes care of two common issues associated with colour digital output.

First, the SCC unit side-slits and trims the head and foot of each sheet. This provides an accurate full bleed trim which is registered by a CCD camera to the image, rather than to the physical dimensions of the sheet - this means that 'image drift' can be corrected. Second, the SCC module can crease the cover and innermost sheets of the booklet, or all the sheets in the booklet so that image cracking on the fold-line is prevented.

For jobs where colour and black and white output is to be combined, the sheet feeder is equipped with two feed trays, so that one can be loaded with oversize colour output from one digital press and the other with finished-size black and white output from a different device.

The coloured sheets are fed through the slitting, cutting and creasing units, while the finished-size black and white sheets are transported via a by-pass unit to the accumulation section of the bookletmaker. There the entire set is re-integrated, with the coloured sheets now the same format as the black and white sheets, ready to be stitched, folded and trimmed. This feature-rich solution is controlled by an MS Windows based software to allow for a clear and precise overview of the complete finishing line and simplify operation.

Comments Terry Wafer, product marketing manager at Duplo International: "We've many existing users who combine our sheet feeder with the SCC module to produce both digital and litho print. However, many of our customers have also wished for the flexibility of producing longer runs by using the highly productive DC10/60 collating towers - up until now this had only been available to customers without the SCC in the finishing line.

"Having adjusted the technical settings of the Duetto system to incorporate the SCC unit, it now provides a wealth of further finishing options for both digital and litho printers. Operators can change from digital sheet by sheet applications to using the DC10/60 collating towers for long run productions by simply flicking a switch, thus minimising set up times and operator intervention."

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