KIP UK Limited, a supplier/manufacturer of wide-format digital reprographic systems, has launched their most powerful integrated production system to date - the KIP9000. The system has been designed to meet the challenges of high demand printing requirements in a paperless age.

Developments in CAD software allow designers to produce drawings that are increasingly complex, creating challenges in reproducing drawings legibly and accurately. KIP9000 offers 600 x 600 DPI printing with advanced imaging algorithms for high quality reproduction of modern CAD information, combined with high speed conversion and processing for immediate high speed delivery. It prints from all major software packages on Windows, Linux, Mac or Unix platforms and includes native DWF batch processing to print complex drawings at optimum quality. Its high speed output delivers 22 A1 prints per minute.

Increased complexity often means that original plans and drawings are produced in colour. Colour originals demand high quality and sensitivity in both scanning and output to produce the accurate tonal gradation differentiation necessary when printing in mono. The KIP9000 will process full colour originals to output in excellent greyscale on the 600DPI print engine. Colour originals can also be scanned in full colour and copied to a colour inkjet printer utilising the same, simple screen interface as for mono printing.

The move away from central print and physical distribution, through to electronic distribution and print at the point of use demands new thinking. The KIP9000 includes KIP's own PrintNET software as standard which can receive files electronically from anywhere in the world via a web browser.

In keeping with the whole KIP range, the KIP9000 has a totally open architecture that will integrate seamlessly into existing information management systems. KIP can provide an application programming interface (API) to allow users to fully integrate with any existing system. This ensures that investment in existing information management systems is secured, and obviates the need to purchase a new suite of software simply to take advantage of the latest printing technologies.

"The KIP9000 raises the bar for fast, top quality reproduction. It meets head on the challenges presented by fast changing business environments," commented Chris Hill, Managing Director, KIP UK Ltd. "The KIP9000 is ideal in high demand environments such as centralised reprographics, print for pay bureaus or any business with a centralised print resource."

If you would like further information about KIP9000 please contact KIP on 01327 304601 or visit  www.kipuk.com.