Fujifilm announces V3 of its XMF PrintCentre web-to-print solution

Fujifilm has announced the launch of the latest version of its cloud based web-to-print solution, XMF PrintCentre V3.

XMF PrintCentre is a hosted web-to-print system that allows print companies to create multiple e-commerce web sites for selling print, and manages the whole print buying process from online purchasing through to delivering print ready PDF files into a print production system such as Fujifilm's XMF Workflow.

Many new capabilities have been included in version 3, including a new text editor module for managing variable text within the existing WYSIWYG template editor, enhanced PDF pre-flight control for ad hoc print jobs, and a new, larger preview of jobs being ordered. In addition, the system now includes many features designed for printers who specialise in wide format printing. These include new front and back office capabilities that allow wide format printed products to be easily and quickly added to the XMF PrintCentre web store, and additional flexibility in how the products are priced.

"XMF PrintCentre V3 contains enhancements that make the processes of buying print for the web store, and managing the products that are sold on the web store, quicker and easier. We have also introduced different elements to the system to suit the requirements of wide format printers, reflecting the need for the customised sizing of specific printed items and for flexibility in how these types of printed products are priced." comments John Davies, business strategy manager for FUJFILM Europe. "Ensuring printers can easily add any new printed product to their web store is one of the critical factors of a successful web-to-print system, as printers need to take advantage of sales opportunities as quickly as possible," he concludes.