Color Confidence announce availability of new X-Rite i1 Pro 2

Color Confidence - the value added distributor into the digital imaging markets, and X-Rite's premier European distributor, has announced the availability of the new X-Rite i1 Pro 2 range.
For more information visit www.colorconfidence.com  

The i1Pro 2 is a brand new spectrophotometer, replacing the industry standard i1Pro. It comes combined with the latest release of the i1Profiler software, includes redesigned hardware and accessories and has been awarded a Red Dot award for industrial design.

X-Rite's i1Pro spectrophotometer has been respected as the industry standard for more than a decade. The newly enhanced i1Pro 2 device is redesigned to provide an even higher level of accuracy, versatility, ergonomics, functionality and value. Combined with the i1Profiler software v1.3, the new i1Pro 2 portfolio of different products is specifically targeted to meet the unique needs of photo, pre-press, digital print and publishing professionals at an exceptional value.

Geoffrey Clements, Managing Director at Color Confidence commented "The launch of the i1Pro 2, continues X-Rite's drive to produce the best colour management solutions available for photographers, designs and anyone for whom colour is critical. We have recently seen their launch of the i1Display Pro and ColorMunki Display products, which has driven forward standards of accuracy in monitor calibration, and this update to the professional level solution continues this process."

As X-Rite's leading distributor in the UK Color Confidence have stock of the new product immediately.

The new products
i1Basic Pro 2
For users looking for an affordable professional level device, the i1Basic Pro 2 is ideal. Offering display and projector profiling, monitor and print quality assurance and spot colour measurement.

Simon Prais, Technical Director at Color Confidence says:
"If you already have colour management software, are only interested in quality assurance or own a RIP, this is the ideal solution. i1 Basic Pro 2 will give you the high quality device to go with your chosen colour management package or process".
i1Photo Pro 2
i1Photo Pro 2 quickly and easily creates custom camera, monitor, projector and RGB printer profiles, ensuring the colours you capture, view and print are true.
Simon Prais, Technical Director at Color Confidence says:
"For photographers this is the ultimate colour management package. i1Photo Pro 2 provides a complete suite of tools to profile all of your key applications and allows you to control your complete workflow, from capture, all the way through to final print. Combining the new device with the already impressive i1 Profiler software provides a level of colour control that previously hasn't been accessible to photographers".

i1Publish Pro 2
Professional Colour Management for Prepress, Photo and Imaging Pros
Imaging pros looking for the ultimate, professional level ICC-profiling solution to organise and manage their complete RGB, CMYK and CMYK+ (CMYK plus any 4) color workflows, complete with quality assurance and control validation and verification functions.

Simon Prais, Technical Director at Color Confidence says:
"If you require complete colour control, this is the product for you. The i1Publish Pro 2 allows you to profile all your devices, and in any environment. The benchmark in colour accuracy".

What's in the box
i1Photo Pro 2 and i1Publish Pro 2 include i1Profiler software, an i1Pro 2 spectrophotometer, PANTONE Color Manager software, ColorChecker Proof target (for direct viewing analysis of ColorChecker target compared to customer's printed target and for Optical Brightener Compensation (OBC) evaluation), mini ColorChecker Classic target, and ColorChecker camera calibration software.
i1Publish (a standalone software package) includes all of the above except for the spectrophotometer.

All four i1Pro 2 products are available immediately from www.colorconfidence.com