New HD Ultra Wide Scanner from Contex

A definite champion of scanners, Context has introduced a true 48-bit colour processing scanner with an eight inch per second scan speed, 1200 dpi optical resolution and Gigabit Ethernet.

Available now in the UK and Ireland from distributor ArtSystems, Contex are continuing the design and performance excellence of the original HD series with the new HD Ultra.

"We are delivering the fastest, most advanced wide format scanners in the market at competitive prices," states Morten Nielsen, Product Manager, Contex A/S. "The new HD Ultra with Adobe RGB and additional colour spaces sets new standards for quality in wide format scanning. This is a tremendous advantage in productivity for our customers."
It raises the bar even higher with unprecedented speed, colour accuracy, and imaging processing. The wide format scanner is now able to scan at an astounding eight inches per second in colour, or 642 A0 documents per hour; twice the speed of its competitors! New colour control accuracy is ensured by X-Rite, giving users additional options to capture accurate colours.

The HD Ultra boasts new colour spaces Adobe RGB and Device RGB. Adobe RGB, the preferred choice of many colour professionals, allows for differences in very bright and saturated colours. Device RGB delivers colours as they are scanned, maintaining all the variations registered by the scanner. The default sRGB colour space transforms the scanned colours into the sRGB standard, resulting in vivid images. Colour accuracy with the HD Ultra is ensured with X-Rite ICC profiles.

The new HD Ultra provides unparalleled colour reproduction with full 48-bit colour processing, unlike the traditional 48-bit capture and 24-bit processing from other scanners. It also produces both the 24-bit (processed from 48-bit) and the full 48-bit raw image TIFF files. The greater bit depth--delivering more than 280 trillion colours versus only millions--gives users unprecedented control over the scanned image.

The new HD Ultra is available in six models, both colour or monochrome models and varying scanning speeds and width. All models are fully upgradable and come with 1200dpi and Gigabit Ethernet as standard. A MFP option is also available, turning the user's large format printer into a copier, while saving space.
More information about the HD Ultra can be found on the ArtSystems website or you can view information at www.contex.com/video