RGBuk launch new multiple image photo blocks

Berkshire based large format solutions provider RGBuk has launched a new product to their popular Ezee range of creative digital wall art and décor products. The new Ezee MultiBlock is a multi image photo block available in either a four or nine tiled image layout.

The face of the black edged 9mm MDF blocks is pre coated with a pressure sensitive adhesive film allowing prints or photographs to be easily mounted by hand. The backs of the blocks are also pre coated so they can be mounted to the ready to hang backing template giving you the perfect result.

The four-image multi block comes with block sizes of two 6" squares, one 8" square and one 12" square.

The nine image multi block comes with block sizes of three 7" x 5", two 6" x 8", one 8" square, one 8" x 12", one 12" x 5" and one 12" x 16".

All of the blocks are slightly undersized so that mounting and trimming is easy.

"Our new Ezee MultiBlock product range has been developed following extensive input from our customers, producing not only a new stylish up to date product but one that can be easily created in house," says Ben Randall, Managing Director at RGBuk. "The multi block product fits perfectly into our Ezee range of products which takes the difficulty out of producing large format wall art products. It allows just about anyone to create this product utilising their current in house large or small format printers."

To find out more, please visit www.rgbuk.com  or call 0118 934 4426