Roland Introduces Larger, Faster SolJet Printer/Cutter

Roland DG Corporation - worldwide provider of wide format inkjet printers and printer/cutters for professional durable graphics has announced the SolJet Pro4 XR-640, the industry's most advanced printer/cutter to date.

At 64 inches wide, the SolJet Pro4 XR-640 combines accelerated print speeds with Roland's renowned integrated print/cut technology, an innovative new print head design, both seven and eight colour configurations, and new Eco-Sol Max2 inks in nine colours: cyan, magenta, yellow and black (CMYK), plus light cyan (Lc), light magenta (Lm), white (Wh), metallic silver (Mt) and new light black (Lk).

"As the industry's first printer/cutter to offer this much power and versatility, the XR-640 is designed to maximise profitability in a production environment," said Brett Newman, Technical Director, Roland DG (UK). "The new high density ink including white and metallic allows creatives to open up new profitable applications. The new light black ink and expanded colour gamut delivers the ultimate in print quality and colour reproduction."

The XR-640 is purpose built for production printing with a dual inline print head configuration that yields outstanding image quality at a maximum print speed of 49.1 m2/h (528.1 sqft./hr). The XR-640 fires droplets of seven different sizes for exceptionally smooth gradations and flawless solid colours. Integrated contour cutting produces graphics of any shape in one seamless workflow.

The Pro4 XR-640 features Eco-Sol Max2, a new generation of Roland's award winning eco-solvent ink, in four configurations: CMYKLcLmWhMt, CMYKLcLmLkWh, CMYKLcLmLkMt and CMYKLcLmLk. Eco-Sol Max2 dries fast and offers outstanding long term outdoor durability, scratch and chemical resistance, broad media support and a wide gamut. Fully optimised for the XR-640's new print head design, Eco-Sol Max2 is ideal for popular applications, including banners, signage, POP, decals, labels, vehicle graphics, backlit displays, building wraps, package prototypes and photographic reproductions.

Eco-Sol Max2 adds value and impact to graphics with three specialty inks. New light black ink ensures a neutral grey for smooth grey scale gradations, natural skin tones and precise photographic images. An improved reformulated white ink offers even greater opacity for exceptionally bright white text, graphics and floods. Metallic silver, also improved for brighter colour, can be printed as a pure spot colour or combined with CMYK to create hundreds of shimmering metallic colours and effects.

SolJet Pro4 XR-640 Features:

*Innovative new dual print head design fires droplets of seven different sizes, with settings that can be adjusted for specific media and print resolutions
*Ink configurations are mirrored through seven colours to ensure consistent imaging throughout bi-directional printing
*Production speeds of up to 49.1m2/h (528.1 sqft./hr) for both banner and vinyl media in high speed print modes
*Roland Intelligent Pass Control precisely controls dot placement between passes for high quality images that are virtually free of banding

New Eco-Sol Max2 ink
*Highly durable, scratch resistant and virtually odourless
*Support for a range of coated and uncoated media
*Fast, consistent drying across images for even colours and sharp images and text
*Environmentally friendly with no nickel compounds

The latest print control technology
*Maximises the performance of new dual print heads and Eco-Sol Max2 ink
*Delivers high-density coverage for vibrant, expressive colours even at high speeds

New Eco-Sol Max2 light black(Lk) ink
*Achieves accurate grey colour reproduction and seamless gradations
*Enhances the quality of subtle colours and skin tones which contain neutral colours

New white and metallic silver inks
*Higher-density White Eco-Sol Max2 ink expedites production while delivering brighter, more opaque white text and graphics
*Metallic Silver Eco-Sol Max2 pigments are more reflective for maximum brightness