SOLJET PRO4 XR-640 now with new white and metallic silver inks

Roland DG Corporation - provider of wide format inkjet printers and printer/cutters for professional durable graphics, has announced they are to start shipping the newly developed Eco-Sol Max2 white and metallic silver inks for use in the SolJet Pro4 XR-640, the most advanced eco-solvent printer/cutter to date. This will enable use for a wide range of applications, including window graphics, vehicles graphics, large posters, decals and labels with excellent added value, fully utilising the potential of the XR-640.

"The XR-640 is an eco-solvent inkjet printer that was announced in September of this year as our flagship model. The XR-640 that we now start shipping with the new white and metallic silver inks has achieved excellent productivity, almost double that of predecessors in the same class," said Yohei Shinomura, Roland DG product manager. "In fact, the standard mode of the XR-640 can match the image quality and density of its predecessor's high quality mode. As a result, you can now print high quality large scale items in a much shorter time frame."

The newly developed white ink has drastically improved density, which is particularly useful for the production of items using transparent film. For example, when producing decals to be applied to vehicles or bicycles, colours can be finished exactly as desired by first printing a base layer with white ink that has excellent concealment properties, and then carrying out full colour printing. Also, the pigment of metallic silver ink is more reflective for higher brightness. This will produce applications that have greater impact and more added value than before.

In addition, the XR-640 has refined the automated ink circulation system, which prevents the pigment in white and metallic silver ink from settling. As well as maintaining stable output quality, waste of white and metallic silver inks required for maintenance has been cut by around 50% in comparison with the predecessor model, contributing to a significant reduction in running costs.

For more information visit www.rolanddg.co.uk/Max2