Ricoh and EFI Bring New Levels of Image Quality to PRO c901

EFI, a leader in customer focused digital printing innovation has announced that new Fiery Color Controllers E-42 and E-82 are now available for Ricoh PRO c901 Graphic Arts + print engines. The E-42 and E-82 digital front ends (DFEs) are powered by EFI's new generation of system software, Fiery FS100 Pro, the most innovative, productive, scalable and integrated front end system for digital print engines.

In addition to driving greater print productivity, the Fiery FS100 Pro also gives Ricoh customers the ability to create end to end workflows by seamlessly integrating with EFI's market leading MIS/ERP software, eCommerce/Web-to-Print products and scheduling tools.

"The Ricoh PRO print engines are designed to deliver exceptional quality and performance, no matter how large or complex the applications," said Tim Vellek, vice president, Ricoh Production Printing Business Group. "The new Fiery FS100 Pro system makes these engines an ideal production printing solution to meet the needs of demanding printing environments. The Fiery server's advanced colour management, automation tools, ease of use and speed are critical to a print provider's success and profitability."

Fiery HyperRIP, included in the Fiery Color Controller E-82, is a unique, speed enhancing technology that splits individual files and processes them simultaneously with multiple interpreters.

"We have incorporated advanced technology in the design of our newest Fiery platform that processes files twice as fast as the previous generation. With the addition of HyperRIP technology, some files will have an added benefit of increasing that speed by another 40%," said John Henze, vice president of Fiery marketing, EFI. "With our significantly faster RIP speeds, Ricoh PRO c901 Graphic Arts + print users can manage a growing number of complex jobs faster to maintain a competitive advantage in a fast changing marketplace."

Print providers using the E-42 and E-82 DFEs can have confidence that even the most complex graphic files will print correctly the first time, avoiding costly reprints and delivery delays. And, CIP4 JDF certification for Fiery DFEs gives print providers confidence that integration between their systems, including EFI's MIS and Web-to-Print solutions, will work efficiently and allow them to achieve valuable workflow automation.

Additional workflow automation benefits with the FS100 Pro include:

Fiery JobMaster, a make ready solution that allows operators to assemble complex documents efficiently;
Fiery JobFlow, which delivers advanced prepress capabilities in a browser based, cost effective solution;
Fiery Command WorkStation 5.4, an intuitive user interface featuring Fiery Ticker, an at a glance system status display; 

For more information, visit www.efi.com