Resolution(GB) unveils dust covers for HP Designjet printers

Resolution, trading as HP Plotter, has introduced their Fugazi Range of Designjet dust covers which are manufactured in the UK. Starting with the Designjet T120 and T520 range, Resolution has plans to roll out covers for the remaining HP Designjet T and Z series models later in the year.

Designed to look good both at home and in the office, and made from strong and durable 'rip stop' nylon, the stylish T120 and T520 Designjet dust covers will help to protect your investment from dirt, dust and spills. It also comes with a useful front pocket (with a free service history log card) allowing you to keep track of work carried out on your printer, any support contract details as well as useful re-ordering information - all in one place!

• Made from strong 'rip stop' nylon - not PVC
• Tear resistant and lightweight
• Ideal for hostile dusty environments or printer storage
• Lasts for years
• Easy to fold and pack away
• Will not degrade and become brittle like plastic covers
• Protects from dust and scratches
• Useful front pocket
• Free service history log/re-ordering info card

MD Nicola Bray explains: "As an engineering company specialising in HP Designjet printers, we often attend customer sites where, after carrying out a full service and clean of their Designjet, the fault is resolved without fitting any spare parts. The majority of our customers fall into the architectural, engineering and construction sector and often their printers are used in dusty or hostile environments. Consequently, this clogs the inner workings of the printer and cause spurious error messages as well as premature wear and tear of parts. A typical fault would include a sensor becoming so dirty that the printer is unable to load paper. As an expensive piece of equipment it makes sense to minimise downtime and wear and tear by using a dust protector".

The complementary range of media dust covers go hand in hand with the Designjet Dust Covers - and are adjustable, being supplied in two sizes: SMALL 24"-36" (for A1/A0 rolls) and MEDIUM 42"-44" (for A0+ rolls). The bright colours are designed to allow papers to be quickly and easily distinguished - ideal for the partially sighted - while the ergonomic design allows for easy fitting and labelling.

"We feel that the Fugazi media covers complement our range of Designjet dust covers. We were inspired by our many customers who find it annoying to sort through various rolls of paper in order to work out 'which one is which'; often their paper/media is dirty or damaged and they end up having to lose a metre or so every time they re-load it. While it isn't such a problem for a £7-£10 roll of paper it is an issue where some high end papers and medias cost upwards of £100 per roll. More importantly though, the paper has been left accumulating dust which is then pulled into the printer. Over time this dust causes increased downtime and higher maintenance costs. Our Fugazi Media Covers should help to reduce this".

The Designjet Dust Covers are expected to be around the £75.00+VAT price mark. Enquiries for other T and Z series covers and older Designjet models welcomed.