Enfocus announces Connect 11 family to create and deliver perfect PDFs

Creating a PDF from most applications is not a huge challenge but ensuring that it is a press ready PDF for professional output still is. Connect 11 is designed to bridge the gap between creative and production professionals by helping designers deliver high quality jobs right the first time, with no IT or PDF skills required. This saves valuable time in production and helps avoid costly mistakes.

"What's unique about Connect 11 is that it addresses the most common problems with PDF files at the source - on the designer's workstation, where they can be easily fixed," said Michael Reiher, Connect product manager at Enfocus. "By controlling the overall PDF creation process, and tying it to the correction and preflight capabilities of the built-in PitStop technology, common issues such as missing fonts, low resolution images and other common problems are easily addressed before the PDF files are received for production," continued Reiher.
Connect with quality - Enfocus Connect creates easy to use applets called Connectors, that sit on the user's desktop and which have all the necessary settings contained within them.

Connectors can be created that handle:
? One-click perfect PDF creation through Adobe Creative Suite or the print option of any other application, using Adobe Normalizer technology built into the Connector
? Automatic PDF correction and enhancement based on Enfocus PitStop Action Lists
? PDF verification using Enfocus PitStop Preflight Profiles
? Custom job ticket generation to help automate downstream processes
? Secure, completely automatic delivery of PDF or any other file type to (S)FTP, HTTP, email, or directly into an Enfocus Switch automated flow

Connectors created with Connect can be easily customised to provide all of the features possible, or just a small sub-set. If necessary they can be set up by skilled professionals and then handed over to any user.
Flexible solutions for all creative professionals - Connect 11 will be delivered in two editions. Connect YOU is a highly affordable single user product for creative individuals. Connect ALL is for creative organisations, as well as print service providers that can use Connect to generate Connectors that they can supply to their outside clients. In that case customers can only use the Connector to deliver files to their service provider. Both versions share the same functionality and have the same code base. However Connect ALL can create Connectors that can optionally be custom branded and freely distributed to outside clients, whereas Connect YOU is limited to making Connectors that run on a single workstation.

Connect YOU replaces the long established Enfocus Instant PDF, which is widely used to create, verify and upload PDFs and other files. Connect YOU offers significantly greater functionality, including the ability to generate PDFs from any application, as well as easy applet operations and compatibility with the latest operating systems and Adobe Creative Suite versions. Connect ALL replaces PitStop Connect by offering a new level of PDF creation and quality control, along with job delivery automation.
Full details of the Connect product line can be found on the Enfocus website. In addition, Enfocus will hold a series of free webinars introducing the new product family.
Schedules and guidelines on how to sign up for the webinars are available on the Enfocus website: http://www.enfocus.com/en/webinars .

Availability and prices - Connect 11 will be available in the 3rd quarter of 2013. Connect YOU will be available for €99. Enfocus Instant PDF customers will be made a special offer and can purchase or pre-order the new Connect YOU product for only €79 until September 30th, 2013 as of today. Users having purchased or upgraded to Instant PDF 10 since January 1st, 2013 to the ship date will be entitled to a free Connect YOU when available. Connect ALL will be available for €2,999. Users having purchased or upgraded to PitStop Connect 10 since January 1st, 2013 to the ship date will be entitled to a free Connect ALL when available.
For more information on Connect 11 or how to purchase, please visit your local Enfocus reseller, or Enfocus at sales@enfocus.com .