Astonished to find that there was very little on the market for digitally finishing his own print, Jörg Scheffler of themediahouseGmbH created a high speed laser system to personalise, cut, perforate and engrave...

In a world of web to print solutions and digital presses there has been little advance in the market towards creative digital finishing solutions. Jörg Scheffler searched the market for a simple and cost effective method to cut out personalised direct mail and packaging but found either expensive specialised machinery that had only one application, or small and slow cabinet laser cutters. None of these matched his purpose so he set out on a four year journey to create and develop his own system that met all the needs of the modern day, innovative printer.

His first breakthrough was the design of a mesh conveyor belt which allows the sheets to run in motion through the system and gave the machine its name the "motioncutter". This takes away all the need for handling the sheets and can even allow the system to run in-line with a digital press. The next step was to provide extraction for the system to remove the dust from the substrates when lasered. The final part of the process involved developing software that would emulate many digital printer interfaces and make it easy for a digital press operator to understand.

What has been created is a machine which can cut out shapes for packaging, kiss cut labels, filigree cut cards, engrave art work and names and even personalises each individual sheet with its unique namecut® feature. Themediahouse® has completed direct mail campaigns using this solution which have had a return rate of over 42%. This was by uploading one single art file into the motioncutter® and a CSV file of names of customers to be cut out to use as a garland.

Reaction from the market has been amazing. Each person who sees the motioncutter comes away with fresh ideas for their own production. Mr Scheffler states "We learn new and exciting applications every time we speak with customers about the motioncutter, it is so exciting".

After a demonstration of the motioncutter, Jon Tolley of Prime Group said "It is one of the most innovative and exciting bits of machinery for the print industry in over a decade"

At last digital printers can personalise their cuts, engraving, perforations and kiss cuts at high speed. One off packaging with minimal file set up is a reality. Maintenance and use are simple and intuitive.

Themediahouse are showing the motioncutter and samples of its work at the DSCOOP GrandPrix in Rome from the 6th to 8th of November 2013. If you would like to find out more about the motioncutter then please view their website at www.motioncutter.co.uk  .