New dtg products at Printwear Live 2014

In the past Your Embroidery Services Ltd (YES Ltd) has always used Printwear Live as a launch pad for new products and 2014 is no exception. Visitors will be able to see, for the first time at any UK show, the new Viper 2 and MX Series direct to garment printers from world leaders DTG Digital.

The Viper 2 from DTG Digital is a new ‘large print area’ ‘small footprint’ direct to garment printer that has super flexibility to print multiple pieces at the same time.

Introduced to replace the Viper and the Kiosk 3 DTG Digital has brought together the best of hardware, software and firmware, whilst retaining the key features from earlier models. This culmination of technology will make the Viper 2 the number one machine of today; in short they have produced a machine that will simply outrun the competition.
Using ‘Smart Engineering’ much of the development has been in reaction to the rapidly expanding internet sales and print-for-profit markets and has therefore resulted in a machine that is not only faster but also easier to use. They have produced a machine that is rugged, requires less maintenance and gives the user greater added value to their business. The ‘all-new’ platen system for instance (called the 4-2-1) allows single prints up to XXXL, two standard prints or four smaller ones whilst also allowing for the printing of large non-garment items such as linen and towels.

For this new model DTG Digital has included the new in-line One Pass Fast function which combines the printing of white and CMYK but with a greater ‘lay-down’ of ink. They have also included the patented WIMS (White Ink Management System) but for this machine it uses a shorter tube length which give a more direct flow of ink and is also constantly pressurised at the print-head – yet another industry first for DTG Digital. This constantly pressurised ink delivery system also delivers a new level of colour and print consistency. They have also made available a special cleaning cartridge ideal for extended holiday shutdowns for those customers who work hard and play hard! With less maintenance, increased print area, greater flexibility and colour and print consistency; the new Viper 2, is set to be one the most flexible direct to garment print machines on the market in 2014.

DTG Digital is also proud to announce the arrival of the all new M-Series “X-generation”. The M Series was originally promoted as the machines to bridge the gap between the small and bulk order markets and this will still be the case for the new MX Series with more new machines joining this particular stable later in the year. While we wait though we can safely say that the current models “M2 & M4” just got quicker and even more productive!. With a print area up to 61cm wide x two metres long; you can now print whatever you want digitally whether that be in bulk or small quantities
As if that wasn’t enough DTG Digital will also be launching another new PRODUCT that can best be described as a ‘Game Changer’ – ‘something that has never been seen in the industry before’ and this will make 2014 a year to remember for both customers and competitors alike. John-Paul Burton (Sales Director of YES Ltd) said “We are really excited about 2014. We know what is coming and we know how it will affect the market. Printwear Live is the perfect launch platform for us coming as it does in the first quarter of the year. It also seems quite fitting to launch not one, not two but three new global products at the 25th anniversary show. To say we are looking forward to it would be something of an understatement”.

In the meantime, if you cannot wait for the show and want to see it these machines in action, you can do so by contacting Your Embroidery Services Ltd on 01623 863343 or e-mail them at sales@yesltd.co.uk