Duplo DC-646PRO

Duplo International has announced the first in a new generation of digital multifinishers, the DC-646PRO. This dynamic and user-friendly multifinisher is a new addition to Duplo’s award winning range of slitter, cutter, creasers and sits neatly between their best selling DC-645i and the incredibly productive DC-745.

Duplo has designed the DC-646PRO to provide digital printers and finishers with a fully automated multi-finisher that sits perfectly alongside any digital press. “We have drawn from our experiences of developing previous models in the DC-range and analysed current trends in the print industry to predict what is important to the digital printer of today and tomorrow. The result is the DC-646PRO, automated precision, redefined to the point of perfection.” says Peter Jolly, Managing Director, Duplo UK.

The DC-646PRO brings automated precision and versitility to any printroom. A number of settings can be used to optimise its single camera for any press. This reads the printed barcode and registration mark then automatically sets up the tools and compensates for image drift both across and down the printed sheet. With the ability to install three optional modules simultaneously the operator has greater flexibilty to finish more applications, without having to install application specific modules for products such as business cards.

Peter says, “The DC-646PRO takes automated precision to a new level. It has all the features an operator would expect from one of Duplo’s multi-finishing devices and a whole lot more. Now the operator can perforate, micro-perforate, slit-score and score both down and across the sheet, using powered tools that dynamically raise and lower the tools, creating non-continuous strikes or skip perfs numerous times in a single pass. You’ll be amazed at the applications the DC-646PRO can finish.”

Duplo continue to strive to make the finishing process easy and stress free. The entire
system is managed from Duplo’s PC controller software which stores an unlimited number of jobs for quick and easy recall. It also comes complete with over 80 PDF template files of the most common applications, all of which can be used to aid design, artworking and as imposition guides.

The user friendly DC-646PRO will run unattended and is ideal when run by the same operator running the digital press. The DC-646PRO is truly at home in any printroom.