BenQ Unveils New Pro Graphic Screen Solution – PG2401PT

BenQ, the global LED monitor manufacturer, has unveiled the PG2401PT - the first product in the Pro Graphics Series of print-certified monitors, PG monitor colours are so true it makes soft proofing and professional photo editing simple. This reduces the need for hard copy proofs being sent for sign off.

Colour Management Makes Soft Proofing Easier - The BenQ PG series has been tested against standard printing conditions and real printing house results to ensure the most accurate colour match in those most difficult areas. Using these test results, the BenQ OG series specialises in colour reproduction for tones with a Delta-E value lower than two.

Certified Print Quality Display - The PG2401PT is Printing Industry Colour Certified according to the international ISO standards that improve design and proofing efficiency and therefore help to lower total cost of ownership. On-screen images are accurately displayed giving confidence that the final print will be exactly what is required for the project.

Individually Tested to Verify Performance - Each monitor in the PG series is subjected to a detailed verification process to test the performance of the monitor in terms of brightness uniformity, Delta-E and Gamma curve. These results are matched to the BenQ colour benchmark and then included with each individual PG series monitor.

Superb Adobe RGB and CMYK Coverage - The BenQ PG2401PT covers 100% CMYK colour space and 99% Adobe RGB colour space ensuring that proofing can display the truest colours possible and be reproduced with confidence.
Expand the Spectrum on a 10-bit IPS Panel - Professionals can experience the smoothest shading and colour transitions on a 10-bit display panel. Which is capable of created more than one billion colours, 64 times the amount of colour available on an 8-bit panel. The PG2401PT also includes 14-bit processing to generate even crisper definition and improved grey-level distinction in proofing.

Perfect Colour Authenticity - The PG2401PT features Delta E value lower than 2 in Adobe RGB and sRGB colour spaces to ensure colours are accurately displayed at every stage of the proofing process and pre-press workflow. Seeing reliable colours helps to improve efficiency and reduce time spent on colour correction.

Hardware Calibration - Utilising the X-Rite calibration device (i1 pro, i1 pro 2 or i1 Display Pro), you can use hardware calibration function to adjust the 3D LUT (look up table) in the monitor directly, providing smoother and more consistent colour tones. Keep the image consistent with the original, without being affected by graphic settings. Subsequently, these calibrated settings are stored directly in the monitor under two of the pre-set modes.

Brightness Uniformity - Brightness Uniformity is achieved via a delicate process involving utilising high precision apparatus to meticulously fine-tune hundreds of sub-regions of the entire screen. This feature enables the PG2401PT to maintain a consistent colour appearance across the entire display area. By preciously controlling brightness and chromaticity of each sub-region, Brightness Uniformity Function offers a more authentic and consistent viewing experience.

Shading Hood and Anti-Glare Matt Screen - Ambient lighting and glare can often obstruct the user’s perception of colour reproduction. With this in mind, the PG2401PT includes a matt screen and detachable shading hood as standard made specifically for glare reduction and use in areas where controlling ambient light is not feasible.
Ergonomic Design - The PG2401PT is supported by a uniquely designed stand, featuring sleek looks, blue detailing and a wide range of adjustability. The stand itself can be manoeuvered to tilt, pivot or swivel in order to suit any ergonomic desktop configuration, regardless of the desk arrangement or the user’s height. The On Screen Display can even rotate automatically for landscape or portrait use.

X-rite and BenQ Co-Developed Software - PG series is bundled with Palette Master Software, co-developed with X-rite, the global leader in colour science. This software allows users to efficiently validate calibration results according to G7, FOGRA and UGRA printing standards. An intuitive UI Design and range of adjustment parameters make calibrating suitable colour profiles quick and easy.

Available now with SRP of £899 the PG2401PT is a valuable asset to any studio.