Newest-version EFI Fiery proServer Creates a 7X Speed Improvement in Inkjet Graphics File Processing

EFI has announced worldwide availability for the company's latest version wide and superwide format inkjet Fiery proServer. Designed for EFI VUTEk printers, EFI Fiery proServer Version 6 is an advanced digital front end system to drive wide to superwide format inkjet printers. It features the Fiery Accelerated System Technology (FAST) RIP, which processes PDF files up to seven times faster than before. More than a RIP, the proServer provides a high-performance colour management workflow, supports FOGRA PSD Print Check and is compatible with more than 540 printers from numerous major manufacturers.

"Fiery proServer 6 is a truly innovative addition to the world of wide and superwide format printing," said John Henze, vice president of marketing for EFI Fiery. "It represents the first time EFI FAST RIP technology has been available to the inkjet production market, which provides a unique performance benefit. This release marks a new age of high-performance production front ends for the sign and display graphics market."

Reliable processing at blazing speeds This latest version of the Fiery proServer made its debut at the FESPA Digital tradeshow earlier this year. FAST RIP, an EFI-developed acceleration technology, improves processing for the Adobe PDF Print Engine as well as the Adobe Post Script Interpreter (CPSI). A combination of file compression algorithms and efficient memory management redefines how complex images are analysed. The result is industry-leading performance with blazing fast PDF processing times, factors that make a clear difference in an industry where a significant amount of signage work consists of single-copy jobs.

More Than a RIP "While we are extremely excited about bringing the performance improvements of FAST RIP technology to sign and display graphics printers," Henze stated, "We are also very pleased to be offering a number of additional innovations in this release."

The newly available Fiery proServer 6 supports Fogra PSD Print Checks, giving users the ability to serve even the most demanding customers. A dynamic smoothing feature ensures superior gradient output regardless of the file type or printer used, while advanced spot and process colour optimisation features increase colour accuracy, making it easy to achieve precise and predictable prints.

EFI has enhanced usability around tiling as well: Tile mounting is much faster, more accurate, and more efficient so users waste less time and material. All of Fiery proServer 6's new features, combined with the faster processing times, reduce idle times for printer capital investments and return benefits directly to the user's bottom line.

Fiery proServer 6's bidirectional job definition format (JDF) link provides information about the printer status, job status and consumables usage to EFI's Pace management information system as well as to EFI Digital StoreFront and Online Print Solutions web-to-print software. As a result, users can create an end-to-end, automated workflow that eliminates touch points while improving speed and accuracy.

The upgrade to Fiery proServer 6 is available at no charge to all existing proServer customers who have a valid Software Maintenance and Support agreement, or an Enhanced Software Program with Fiery XF coverage, in place. Others can acquire Fiery proServer 6 directly from EFI.

For more information about Fiery proServer 6 and other EFI products, visit www.efi.com