We've created a monster !

Invest in your own 3D print service today

Hot from the QPP development lab is this first impressions report on an ideal entry level 3D printer at just under £750.

Over the summer weeks we have been getting to grips with STL files, slicing them up and building 3D prints. All very easy as our chosen printer, the PP3DP from One Touch Laser, comes with free UP Mini software that sites the image with auto placement, loads the file, works out the print time and gramage of raw material.

Pricing your new service can be worked out on these two ingredients and adding the ROI on your new kit. However it is not just the additional GP created here, as in these early days, pioneers prosper by being first.

Offering a 3D print service will promote all of your existing print products as you will be in front of what’s new and very much in fashion. Tomorrow’s world is being fed by an appetite for new technology with 3D news covering anything from human parts to food.

The growing market requires some part of the service industry to hang their hat on 3D printing; should it be libraries, locksmiths or how about QPP quick print professionals who already understand pre-press and offer a print service to end users?

Yes, some of your new customers will at first know a little more about rapid prototyping, 3D modelling, selective laser sintering, fused deposition modelling and sterolithography.

Ha, none of this matters to begin with as the entry level kit will just print from STL files your customers have created in CAD or Adobe to name a couple of design software packages we are all used to.

Like all things print we will have to offer expert advice but taking it slowly will enable us all to start on this new learning curve and make further investments in kit and dedicated staff when necessary. For the minute just jump on so as not to miss the bus.

I remember when starting a Canon colour copy service in 1984 there wasn’t a market for short run colour printing. Why? Well it was never available before and customers had got used to being told no. Our copy bureau, covering three counties, regularly won the national competition for highest print volume with just 5000 prints per month!

Build it and they will come… desktop fabrication or additive manufacturing is best known as 3D printing which needs you now. Start printing real objects and join us in sharing in the experience of helping more customers.

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Look out for next months QPP when we will be publishing more research layer by layer.

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