HP’s new HP Designjet SD Pro Scanner

For workgroups within enterprise organisations, reprographic houses as well as architectural, engineering, construction (AEC) and design firms, scanning is an important part of the design process, allowing teams working in a collaborative environment to review, edit and share multiple iterations of a plan. However, scanning large-format prints can be time consuming, particularly when working with separate printers and scanners, and can disrupt the design workflow. Additionally, errors like colour fringing and unwanted shadows or backgrounds can appear in reproduced images, causing users to spend additional time re-scanning.

The HP Designjet SD Pro Scanner features a new contact image sensor (CIS) technology with a dual-illuminating system and image enhancement software, helping users accurately reproduce detailed large-format documents at high speeds. Additionally, the HP Designjet Pro Scanner portfolio, which includes the HP Designjet SD Pro Scanner and the HP Designjet HD Pro Scanner introduced earlier, seamlessly integrates with existing HP Designjet printers, adding scanning and copying capabilities to streamline customers’ workflow and improve collaboration.

“As we continue to see a rise in firm-to-firm collaboration within the AEC and design industries, our customers require scanning technologies that allow them to revise and share plans quickly without hassle,” said Alex Moñino, worldwide marketing director, Large Format Printing, HP. “The HP Designjet SD and HD Pro Scanners deliver fast and accurate large-format scanning and copying capabilities, helping customers accelerate their design process.”

Built to meet the needs of demanding users, the HP Designjet SD and HD Pro Scanners scan at six inches per second for colour images and 13 inches per second for black and white images. Additionally, both scanners provide multipage PDF and scan to e-mail, USB and network capabilities, allowing users to easily and quickly share images.

Ideal for central reprographic departments (CRDs) and reprographic houses with needs for high-quality image reproduction of technical documents and maps, the HP Designjet SD Pro Scanner scans images up to 44 inches wide and reproduces colour and black-and-white images with resolutions of up to 1200 dots per inch (dpi). The scanner also has a nine-level adjustable stand, allowing users to place the device above their HP Designjet printer to save space.

For geographic information system (GIS) professionals and CRDs that depend on high-precision reproduction of graphic artwork, maps, photos and technical drawings, the HP Designjet HD Pro Scanner offers high-definition document scanning, copying and image enhancement. The device scans images up to 42 inches wide from thick or rigid media and features charge coupled device (CCD) technology and an advanced five-camera system to capture complex data quickly without sacrificing details. The scanner also has adjustable legs, offering an ergonomic stand for optimal comfort.

Both the HP Designjet SD and HD Pro Scanners allow users to preview and enhance images directly on a large 15.6-inch touchscreen all-in-one PC using enhancement software.

The HP Designjet SD Pro Scanner is available worldwide with an estimated list price of £7,000.The HP Designjet HD Pro Scanner is currently available worldwide with an estimated list price of £13,200.