ONYX launch HP WallArt interface to simplify custom application

Onyx Graphics has announced that its ONYX software can be directly integrated with the new HP WallArt application to provide seamless and efficient workflow for décor applications.

An ONYX/HP WallArt workflow gives users the ability to expand their business by offering new added-value décor products to their range of print services. Features in ONYX Textile Edition software such as Colorways and Step & Repeat, in combination with the new HP WallArt interface, give designers and printers an easy-to-use solution for the creation of customised wall coverings.

The process of designing and producing custom wall graphics is very efficient with ONYX Quick Sets and HP WallArt. Users can easily customise wall covering designs from the HP WallArt Solution online portal. The simple one-step process enables print service providers to open their customer’s design in a ready-to-print format using the dedicated HP WallArt button in ONYX RIP-Queue.

ONYX Connect & HP WallArt workflow
In additon, print service providers (PSPs) equipped with HP Latex series printers can now simplify their HP WallArt workflow using the new WallArt interface powered by ONYX Connect JDF (Job Definition Format) technology. ONYX Connect is an open system that provides a simple developer interface that enables PSPs to link their business management systems with ONYX production software. As a result, PSPs can access valuable management data, such as ink consumption, media usage and production times. It also includes the ability to automate job submission through JDF and hot folders providing control of critical job settings, and reducing errors introduced by manual intervention during the production process.

The new HP WallArt interface is to be available in version 11.1.2 of all ONYX products including ONYX Thrive workflow software, ONYX Textile Edition software and ONYX RIP software. ONYX version 11.1.2 will be a complimentary upgrade to current ONYX 11.1 users.

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