Central Foiling Completes Investment Programme with DigiFav B2 Laminator

Central Foiling has topped off a £150,000 company-wide investment programme with the addition of a DigiFav-B2 Pro Laminator from Terry Cooper Services.

The Birmingham operation, founded by Jamie Boland in 2003, specialises in foil blocking, die-cutting and duplexing, as well as offering bespoke solutions to the print and design industry. There are ten employees at the £400,000 turnover firm.

After reviewing operations Boland decided to add a mezzanine floor to increase floor space and house the new laminator.
He explains: “We manage a lot of multi-process jobs; two-colour foil blocking, three-colour foil blocking, duplex, die-cutting etc. That means work can be on the shop floor for days, even weeks. Adding the mezzanine floor enables us to spread some of the processes out and open up more floor space. It also streamlines the workflow and makes planning a lot easier.
“At the same time we wanted to add lamination to the processes we can complete in house. Before were we sending much of the work out and that involves additional time and cost.”

He continues: “We liked the DigiFav-B2 Pro because it was a substantially built system with a compact footprint. It has been very positive so far. We have had no problems with it. In fact, we recently put a 1,000 run job on it which was then foiled. This took five hours whereas previously it would have taken at least three days.

“We didn’t make the investment with any kind of return in mind but it has allowed us to add another regular process that we can complete in house. We can now offer our existing customers a wider range of service choices. We are also going to look at what else it can do to expand what we offer.”

The 30mpm SRA3 DigiFav-B2 Pro is designed to handle, protect and laminate all kinds of digital job prints. The secure high-speed performance system features a touch screen user-friendly interface, quick fast film reel loading, automatic balance heat temperature and pressure or intuitive device adjustments. With its solid steel build, top-level hardware, electronic components and calendar finishing treatments, it is designed to support quick-change overs.