The latest JETRIX LXiR320 installation adds to the magic at Display Wizard

Display Wizard was keen to source a printer that could truly live up to their expectations after suffering on-going issues with media deformation from their current four printers. Much of their work involves producing panelled pop-up drops and a wide variety of display formats for exhibitions. Yet their existing machines were printing print drops at different lengths which made panelling impossible. With the business building significantly they needed to find a printer or printers that could deliver quality and speed to meet their increasing demands.

After exploring the options in the large format market including reviewing many of the leading brands, they opted for the JETRIX LXiR320 LED-UV printer. This 3.2m large format, roll to roll digital LED-UV printer is perfect for large scale production of banners for indoor and outdoor signage, plus prints to a maximum resolution of 2160 dpi. So, immediately after installation, the advantages were apparent: no media deformation, stretching or colour differences from print to print. Plus the printer speed of up to 120sqm/hr meant that production increased significantly and quality was consistently maintained.

When asked about the installation of their newest printer Pete Simmonds, MD of Display Wizard said: “We were running four latex printers which were causing no end of print quality issues. Now we can produce jobs much quicker and at a consistent quality. We don't have any media deformation, stretching or colour differences and since installing the machine we haven't had to reprint any jobs. The speed is so excellent the JETRIX now does the work of four of our previous printers, whilst using less than half of the ink.”

Similarly Head of JETRIX Sales, Ben Woodruff said: “It was clear from the very start that the JETRIX LXiR320 would make a significant difference to how Display Wizard was operating. It’s therefore fantastic to see what a difference the installation of this printer has made – increasing their profitability, improving the quality of jobs they produce, accelerating the speed of job turnarounds and much, much more.”