CGS ORIS is getting ready for drupa 2020

There is no doubt – drupa years are special ones for each company of the graphic industry. Everybody is excited and a huge focus is on this important exhibition in June. But this time, the event is even more unique for CGS ORIS.

One reason why this year’s drupa is a very special one for CGS ORIS is the celebration of the company’s 35th anniversary. The international colour management enterprise was founded in 1985 by two young men. They had a common idea and a big vision. It is a real “start-up” story, as we would call it today. It Included journeys to the Silicon Valley promoting the solution they found for challenges many companies were facing during that early time in the graphic industry. Of course, it was not easy, but tremendously successful as we know today. 

Times have changed. Today markets, their topics and requirements are different. Thanks to the immense technical developments of the last years and powerful tools the industry can rely on. This includes software to a great amount. “We are very proud of being part of this progress and being the driver of development for 35 years by contributing innovative and intelligent software solutions. The experience and the deep knowledge in colour management, proofing and packaging industry CGS ORIS gained from its long-lasting history, combined with our today’s vision of graphic industry’s future are a strong basis for continuously creating cutting-edge applications which optimise the daily business of the industry members”, Bernd Rückert, CEO at CGS ORIS, comments.

For example, ORIS X Gamut, the colour management solution of CGS ORIS for Expanded Gamut Printing is making quite a stir in the marketplace as the award-winning tool creates a lot of new possibilities for printing houses all over the world by allowing huge benefits, e.g. in cost savings and in streamlining the product process. This leads to large competitive advantages. “For us, it is absolutely crucial to support the industry members with customised solutions, not just selling products. This is why we will concentrate even more on topics in a holistic manner and suitable application bundles which fit perfectly to the particular needs and workflows”, underlines Rückert.

Besides expanded or multicolour printing, CGS ORIS will focus at drupa on the key topics packaging, (brand) colour communication and exchange, digital and industrial printing, quality control and certification as well as (proofing) media and substrates.

As some industry experts may already have noticed, the German company has a new brand name and announced a new corporate design which finally connects what belongs together – for 35 years. Exciting times. More information will follow soon.

Please do not hesitate to ask, if you have any questions: isabel.bracker@cgs-oris.com