Edible Promotional Merchandise

There really is no better way to create a positive feeling towards a brand than to give the target audience something tasty to eat, however, it is also a product that is often overlooked or misunderstood by distributors as they can be used in lots of different ways to promote a brand either externally or internally.

In 2019 the market for edible promotional merchandise was just over £51 million and was the 7th largest market of the traditional product groups behind bags, pens, mugs, plastic and USBs and the suppliers and manufacturers of these products keep growing year on year.

The edible product options range from traditional sweets and chocolates with branded packaging through to products with actual edible logos including chocolate, cakes and biscuits and even fruit. Edibles are generally UK made and can be supplied quickly in both small and large quantities and are a great complimentary product to traditional promo products.

Distributors and customers often shy away from edibles as it is felt they cannot provide the long term ‘subliminal’ brand marketing of more traditional products due to the fact that they get eaten. However, the power behind edibles is that everybody loves to receive something nice to eat and as a result they are a favourite amongst those who receive it.

When someone receives something really tasty as a business gift it may not provide long lasting brand marketing physically, but the memory of that product and the good feeling it gave them when they ate it will stay with them for a long time as well as generating immense goodwill towards the brand they received it from. If it has a customer brand on it though it has to be good quality as if it is a poor tasting product it will reflect badly on the brand.

In the current climate where thousands of people are homeworking and self-isolating, edibles are a great product to send in low volume and through the post to cheer up these employees and help keep them connected to their workplace.

Edibles are very social media friendly and can be used to create great coverage on the traditional platforms. If you want to generate social media coverage people are far more likely to post a fun picture of themselves with something to eat than with other products. We call it the #TweetBeforeYouEat principle and if used well it can create fantastic coverage for a brand on social platforms.