Baker Labels makes another donation to the Brentwood Foodbank.

Staff from Baker Labels recently delivered around £1000 worth of groceries to the Brentwood Foodbank to help local people.
Having contacted Julie Bowler who volunteers at the foodbank the week before to find out what was low in stock, a visit to Bookers was organised and three huge shopping trollies of goods were purchased. The delivery included tins of cooked meat, potatoes, tea, coffee, rice, pasta, jam, honey and custard as well as non-edibles such as detergent, deodorant, personal care and cleaning products. These were then delivered to the Foodbank’s new warehouse facility in Brentwood town centre.

In March, at the start of lockdown when purchasing large quantities of groceries was restricted, Baker Labels made a £1000 financial donation to the Foodbank to help them purchase essentials. Now that those restrictions have been lifted, purchasing the goods required to deliver directly was once again a possibility.

At least 100 families a week require foodbank support in Brentwood just now and sadly this number is likely to increase over the next few months. Baker Labels intends to make quarterly contributions to help keep stock levels where they need to be.
“In this very difficult time, I would like to say a heartfelt and huge THANK YOU for Baker label’s contribution which was so kindly dropped off at the new warehouse. Baker Label’s continued support of Brentwood foodbank is so appreciated, and I know that those who receive the food are so grateful at this difficult time.

It is the kindness and generosity of people like those at Bakers that we can meet and assist those who are struggling. Unfortunately, in view of the current situation we all find ourselves in, there are those in our community facing real hardships due to loss of jobs and income, and sadly we find that the need for food has doubled.” Julie Bowler, Brentwood Foodbank