Route 1 Print Put Clients in the Driver’s Seat with a Series of Service Updates

South Yorkshire trade printers, Route 1 Print, continue their quest to simplify the lives of trade print buyers by launching a series of time saving updates to their web service, including favourites, saved artwork, re-order, and quote to order features.

Since launching in 2012, Route 1 Print has strived to make online print ordering an easy process for trade buyers. The company ethos puts clients at the heart of all decision making as they work together to create the best client ordering experience possible.

After another of their regular client surveys, Route 1 Print has responded to specific feedback and requests with a host of service updates. Each update is designed to save clients time and effort, so they can concentrate on building their business and offering a great service of their own.

The new ‘favourites’ function allows Route 1 Print clients to save product specifications that they order again and again, instead of having to build products from scratch. The company has also released a ‘saved artwork’ function, allowing clients to create a library of regular artwork files and making it even easier to order everyday jobs.

If a client wishes to order the exact same print again – same product specifications and same artwork, Route 1 Print has combined the first two features in their new ‘re-order’ function. Making repeat orders is now incredibly quick as clients need only re-approve their artwork at the click of a button.

Finally, Route 1 Print clients now have the option to manage their quotes online. Instead of sending emails back and forth to account managers, clients can approve or reject quotes from the comfort of their account area. This is yet another improvement that saves precious time for trade print buyers.

“Launching these new features for our clients is a real step forward in improving our service for them,” says Christie Round, Brand Manager. “All of these updates will make it easier for clients to manage their orders, and they are all things that we know our clients are looking for, thanks to our surveys from the last year.”

Christie goes on to say, “This is a continuation of our efforts to build the best online trade print platform on the market. The first step was in launching our Reseller Tools hub, where we have a number of free resources for our clients, including free stock images and marketing templates. We will continue to use client feedback to shape our offering in the future.”
Route 1 Print prides itself on being led by their clients. In the last year alone, the company has release 40 brand new product ranges as a direct result of client feedback – all to support client businesses through the pandemic.

If you have any needs that are not currently being met by your supplier, Route 1 Print encourages you to call your account management team on 0114 294 5026 so they can discuss your requirements.